Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1st Day at Work

Wow! I am now getting ready for day number 2 of my new job. How odd it seems to say that I have to get up and go to work...I have done school for 2 years, but there wasn't a paycheck involved in that. Now I have 1 full day behind me and am going for a second. Yesterday and most of today will be orientation, so I really haven't done "my job" yet. I'll get a taste of that this afternoon and will get a schedule of when I will be working. Amazingly, there were about 50-60 people in my orientation class, getting ready to do all sorts of things...from housekeeping to hospital administration...from just out of high school to retirees who got bored and wanted something to do (or needed to supplement retirement). It was definitely an experience yesterday and a whole lot of information to take in. Gotta go...don't want to be late for my second day at work.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


This is a picture of one of our baby owls from several years ago. I am posting this now because we were sitting in the yard Friday night with family and I started talking about the owls being gone for the year. They come late in the year to nest somewhere withint a block or 2 of our house and stay until the baby (pictured above) learns to fly...sometime in May. The year this was taken, we had them right outside our bedroom window, but in December of that year, we had a lot of damage from the ice storm and the owls have been a little farther away since then...but they always come back to our area and you can hear them late at night or VERY EARLY in the morning. So anyway, this is a photo of the baby while it was learning to fly.

I'll have to update more tomorrow when I get home from my orientation for my JOB!!!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


FINALLY, after 6 weeks and 4 days...who's counting...Danny is home from the outage. He will be off until he reports to work on June 2, and then who knows. Nick and I were very happy to see him home again. Even though it will be long days, and lots of miles, we are glad he will be home with us for a while. It should be about 5 months before the next outage takes him away for weeks on end.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Kitchen Work??

Saturday before last I set out to clean out, reorganize, and re-paper my kitchen cabinets. I thought that sounded like fun way to spend the day. My friend Leigh had offered to help me with this back before Christmas and this was the first chance I had to get started. Never one to miss a photo op, Leigh grabbed this photo of me re-papering the cabinet over the refrigerator. It's okay Danny, I was carefull and Leigh was there to dial 911.

So, here I am just working away. Shortly after this photo, we took a quick break...that was the beginning of the end. After relaxing for few, Leigh decided to take a little nap, just 30 minutes. Two hours later here is my kitchen help.Leigh (and Baby West) and Nick had a nice afternoon nap. That was pretty much the end of work for that day... Leigh's suppertime (morning) sickness set in after that. I did finish the cabinets and they look much better. Thanks, Leigh, for getting me started and motivated!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


It has been a long time coming, but by June 2, both Danny and I will be employed again. Unfortunately, mine is just part-time, but that is the way to get into the hospital system. So far, all of the full-time positions I have applied for have been filled internally, so to have a shot, I have to be "internal" which I will be on May 26, my official start date. I actually have 2 part-time jobs, hoping that I can get close to 40 hours a week between the 2, but we will have to see what happens. I'm just happy to be in...after my 90 probationary period I can apply for all the jobs I want as an employee requesting a transfer.


I got the pictures of Danny and I graduating in the mail this week...here we are getting our sheepskin...covers. No, they do not actually hand out diplomas at graduation, just the pretty leather covers for them. The diplomas will be mailed out. (The reason for the delay is that grades didn't have to be in until Friday at 9:00 a.m., just 25 hours before graduation, so they didn't have time to print them after they found out who did and didn't make it.)

I also have a picture of the awards program where I received the Outstanding Administrative Office Technology Student Award.

Monday, May 5, 2008


WOO HOO!!!!!!
As of Saturday Danny and I are finished with school. There is so much to tell you all about and so little time. It has been very hectic since my last post with us living in 2 different places and trying to finish school, but here goes.

1. Danny has a job. He has accepted an offer from Duke to work at the Oconee Nuclear Station. He has to report on June 2 to in-processing to start work. That is really all we know at this point...we don't know what area he will be in, shift he will be working, or anything else right night. I will keep you updated.

2. I received an award at the awards program the week before graduation...the Outstanding Administrative Office Technology Student award. I got a very nice plaque and was recognized at the awards program.

3. Did I mention that Danny and I both graduated last Saturday?? We are now both Honor Graduates from Spartanburg Community College. We walked at the commencement and were recognized as graduating with honors, which was very special. After that, we went to a reception for Danny's class at the Marriott as they are the inaugural class in Radiation Protection Technology.

I have all sorts of pictures to upload but will get around to that later. I have more important things to do this morning...like finding me a job. I have an interview lined up today that I have to get to, and then who knows after that, but I've got to get on the ball and return to the RWW (real world of work).