Friday, March 28, 2008


Today was a really great day for golf, and Josh, Danny, and I took full advantage of it. The weather was almost perfect - the wind could have been a little less. It was a great way to unwind. We played at the Rock at Jocassee, which is a new course for me. It is a really pretty course that was fun to play. I imagine it will be really beautiful once everything starts to grow and bloom. We all had some good shots and some bad shots. I happened to have a few great shots all together on the same hole. To start with, my tee shot hit the cart path and took an amazing bounce toward the green. My second shot (on a par 4) caught in a gust of wind and sailed into the flag. Unfortunately it didn't drop into the hole, but it was close and I was happy with the par I ended up with on that hole. I think we are all looking forward to playing the course again.

36 Days to Graduation!!!!

The official count is 36 days to graduation. I am so excited. I only have 4 more days at my clinical site, and I have mixed emotions about that. Everyone there has been really great to work with, I have enjoyed the work, and I will miss them all, but, I will be able to use the extra time to complete those end of the semester projects that are really stressing me out lately. I need about an extra 40 hours a day to get everything done that needs doing. Hopefully I can do a little catching up over Spring Break.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter Monday

Today was a big day for us. Danny had his interview with Duke for his job once he finishes his internship. We probably won't know anything until May. They are supposed to send out offers the first of May and are anticipating starting the new graduates to work on June 2. I don't guess we'll know until then which plant he will be working at. I still don't know anything for sure about a job for me but have reason to be hopeful that there will be something for me at the hospital.

More importantly - It is only 40 days until graduation!!!!!!! I am so ready.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

As you can see, we are very proud of Nick. I have looked for a recent picture of me and Danny together, but could not find one. I will work on getting one in the near future.

Right now Danny and I are swamped trying to finish school and find jobs. Hopefully very soon we will both be able to report that we are gainfully employed.

Nick Now

This is what Nick looked like at Christmas, 2007. He's a lot bigger than he was 4 years ago, but he gets more handsome every day.

Nick's First Day With Us In 2003

This is a picture of Nick as soon as we got him to his new home. It is hard to believe he was that little.