Saturday, July 26, 2008

Domestic Life

WooHoo!!!! The weekend is here. Today that just means we're doing a different kind of work. I got up this morning and sat in my new (Danny and I each got one for our birthday) rocking chair and watched it rain. It was a very enjoyable morning to sit and relax and enjoy the wet weather. I don't remember the last time we had wet weather that wasn't part of a storm...just a nice rain. As soon as I came in, it was time to start thinking about how to spend the day. That was the first mistake. I was wondering what we needed to think about for supper when the next thing I know, we are on our way to who-knows-where on a search for corn. Now, I have put up corn in years fact, I have assisted in canning and freezing more vegetables than I eat...but to me, the only vegetable that is truly worth all the trouble is corn. We found corn, not enough to put up but enough to cook for today and have leftovers one day, and we ordered corn to pick up on Thursday evening. So, next week, Danny and I will take on a new venture together...the "putting up" of food. Anyone wanting to shuck corn, clean corn, or cut corn off the cob is welcome at my house next weekend. The dozen ears that we got this morning had a really good flavor and I am looking forward to having corn to eat on during the winter months. If not before, I'll be sure to update everyone on how the corn goes next weekend.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Has it really been 3 weeks??!!!

It seems hard to believe it has been 3 weeks since my last blog. Things stay busy in Lyman with both of us working full time. Our days are pretty much the same...get up EARLY, around to bed EARLY, around 9 or 9:30. I'm still not quite in the groove yet, but it is getting better. We both get up at the same time and I usually get in a few hours of transcribing before I have to get ready for work (that way I don't end up transcribing until very late at night). I usually have about an hour or so after I get off to get supper ready before Danny gets home. By the time we eat and clean up the kitchen, it's time to get ready for bed. Going to bed that early to me just seems wrong. I feel like the world is leaving me behind if I miss the late news. In fact, back in the good old days (only about 7 or 8 years ago). I would watch the news, start getting ready for bed, and then watch Miami Vice reruns at midnight. Even when we were in school, we stayed up and watched the first 30 minutes of Letterman before going to bed. It is quite possible that work ages us exponentially. All of those people looking for a fountain of youth should try not working...preferably after hitting the lottery...that should stop the aging process, or at least slow it back to its normal speed.

Since the week of July 5th, Danny has been on his regular shift and is settling in well. He works a regular 4-day week, 10 hours a day, from 6:30-5:00 (I know that is really 10-1/2 hours, but they call it a 10-hour shift).

I will try to do better in keeping this updated, but...we'll see.