Saturday, February 21, 2009

The window lies to me

I'm sitting here looking out the window thinking that it looks like a nice almost spring day then...BOOM...the cold hits me when I take Nick out. From my window I can see Daffodils with blooms on the verge of opening...they're probably dead now thanks to this really cold night we just had. What cruel tricks Mother Nature plays on us making it look all springy outside and then bringing a hard freeze like last night. Oh well, it's just 1 little dose of reality to bring my Spring Fever back under control. While I would like to see snow waist deep (and then have it vanish immediately after a day or refreezing and icy roads, just pretty snow) some of the warm days we've had lately have put me into getting ready for summer mode. It's time to think about getting the boat ready for water, getting spring clothes out of storage, seeing the grass turn green, etc. I think maybe I'm feeling a little deprived of sunlight since I can't see outside from my desk at work, but I'm ready for the weather to warm up and enjoy some warm sunshine.

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